Books for Math Lovers

MathTopia Press Books are Available on Amazon MathTopia Press (MTPress) was established by MathTopia Academy to respond growing needs of high quality mathematics K-16 curriculum materials in the United States and all over the world.
Out of the Box Algebra
Developing Advanced Algebraic Skills Through Creative and Challenging Problems
Central Wisconsin Mathematics League- Available on Amazon
This CWML volume 1 book presents 6 years of problems and solutions. It consists of geometry, algebra, and advanced categories. The book covers a total of 18 math league exams. The league meets three times a year in November, January, and March. About 600 students from about fifty high schools in Central Wisconsin participate in each meeting. Teams of 12 from each high school compete in geometry, algebra, and advanced problems. The competition continues to be administered by a committee of UW-Stevens Point mathematics faculty members.
GEOTOPIA - Volume 1. Available on Amazon
Learning Geometry Through Proofs and Challenging Problems
Middle/Junior High Challenge- Available on Amazon
10 Practice Exams with Full Detailed Solutions
High School Challenge -Available on Amazon
10 Practice Exams with Full Detailed Solutions