Ramon M.
Math Play reader
Libo Valencia does an amazing job at showing how fun math can be. Math Play is full of terrific examples from an actual classroom that proves any student can love math. This is definitely a must read, from beginning to end it's fun and educational. If you love math, hate math or just struggle with it; this book will capture your imagination and leave you inspired.
Alp A.
Parent- 11th Grade ACT prep
My son took an official ACT test right before the Mathtopia ACT fall course and we were not happy with his Math score at all. I was in search of a good ACT prep course and came across Mathopia thru a friend. The course began in September and ended in December. Right before the last lesson was another ACT official test which my son registered for. We received the test results yesterday. The Math instructor, Mr. Kirikci is amazing. Looking at the way he connects with the kids and teaches the materials, I already knew what's coming. My son's Math ACT score went up from 19 to 26. Strongly recommend.
12th Grade
Junaid is a wonderful tutor. My 12th and 10th graders both find him very helpful with their math (AP Calc BC and Honors 10th grade) as well as physics for my older child.
12th Grade
Benet Academy-IL
Junaid's background is quite impressive. Even more impressive is his ability to make complex material digestible to a high school senior -- he has a gift for teaching. His teaching style resonates with my daughter's learning needs -- he explains the concepts first, reviews the material, and then checks for understanding. She comes home from her tutoring sessions with a one-page summary of notes for reference. The proof that she understands the material is in her grades. Highly, highly recommend!
Rising 8th grader
New York
I started studying one on one with Dr. Kanbir almost a year ago. He’s my mentor and inspiration! Dr. Kanbir is really patient, and he makes the lessons enjoyable and challenging. I am a rising 8th grader who did really good on the AMC10 and qualified for the AIME. Without his immense help, I would had not been able to achieve so much. Dr. Kanbir really cares about his students. I am grateful for all that he taught me, and under his tutelage, I can’t wait to see what’s next.
New York
Dr. Kanbir is an incredible teacher who combines passion for mathematics and understanding of children. He connected and engaged with my son - Alex - in a unique way that allowed him to soar through challenging material while also having excitement and fun in their lessons. He is very skillful in teaching complex concepts to students of all ages and has the rare ability to unlock talent and potential while allowing the child to progress at their own speed. He has authored a few fantastic books, which elevate math rigour to the depth and range required for excelling in competitions. More than learning a series of algorithms, math is about embracing the mental challenge involved and enjoying the discovery in the process. Dr. Kanbir has inspired Alex to apply himself in tackling even the most difficult problems, an attestation to the quality of teaching and his personal impact.
11th Grade
Dr. Sinan Kanbir is such a passionate teacher, teaching not only the math formulas and equations, but where they come from and how to understand them. Learning with him led to a greater understanding of math than what I had received from the school. By teaching me to think outside the box and apply math concepts to situations beyond the ones that were already introduced to me, I was able to not simply do the math, but enjoy it.
My daughter has worked with Dr. Kanbir for over two years. Since her start, she has progressed remarkably in her mathematical skills. Working one-on-one was a magnificent experience for my daughter, as she got quality feedback on her questions and tackled assignments at her unique pace. Dr. Kanbir’s teaching strategy is phenomenal and has helped my daughter unlock her full mathematical potential. Finally, I wish I had known Dr. Kanbir when my daughter was in second grade.