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Terms and Conditions


Students may submit a written application for a refund of the registered course, no later than the date following the commencement of the second class of the course. MathTopia will process a prorated refund of a course, subject to deductions from paid monies equivalent to the sum of (I) a $50 registration fee; and (II) $50 multiplied by the number of classes attended by the student (if applicable). Following the second class of the course, no refund or course credit transfer will be provided for the termination of the course.

The student should provide Mathtopia with a 7-day notice of any vacation plans in order for MathTopia to set aside course materials for that student.


Mathtopia reserves the right to accept, decline to accept, or remove any student participating in the program at any point in the term due to his/her behavior problem in this learning environment. If this occurs, tuition for all remaining classes will be wholly refunded.