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Transition to Algebra- 2- SPRING 2022

  • Algebra Readiness-Building a strong foundation for success in algebra

In this series of algebra readiness sessions, students in grades 5 to 7 will develop an essential understanding of algebraic thinking, reason abstractly, operating variables, grasp functional thinking, develop a holistic view of equations and inequalities, and enter the initial steps of the proof world.

MATERIALS: 100-page long course material will be provided before the course start

Session 1:  Problem Solving- Holistic Views-1

Session 2:  Problem Solving- Holistic Views-2

Session 3: Variables and Algebraic Structure-1  

Session 4: Variables and Algebraic Structure -2

Session 5: Writing Equations and Expressions -1

Session 6: Writing Equations and Expressions -2

Session 7: Functions and Algebraic Equations-1

Session 8: Functions and Algebraic Equations-2

Session 9: Functions & Pattern &Operations

Session 10: Ratios and Proportions 1

Session 11: Ratios and Proportions 2

Session 12: Algebraic Geometry

Sample Documents